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Admiring our differences – Day 1 of D-Blog Week

I have to start out by saying I’m super new to the whole diabetic blogging thing. That is not to say I have never read or written a blog before, because I most certainly have! I must admit that I have always felt that almost instant “click” of understanding a fellow type 1 blogger. Since learning about the DOC, I have read a few different types of blogs dealing with different types of D other than type 1.  If I had to pick one type of blogger different from myself to admire, it would be the parent of a child who is diabetic. I’ve had diabetes for more of my life than not and I never realized what my parents must have went through taking care of me. (probably still don’t and maybe never will) Reading blogs written by a parent of a CWD is a learning experience for me, it gives me insight on how my parents might have felt or why they acted a certain way. So reading about all the concerns and hearing the questions brings to light just how hard it must have been for them, and still is for parents today.  Of course I am taking into account that my care was much different than the care of CWD today.I can appreciate parents who have asked me for advice or questions to get another opinion…it makes me feel good to be able to help someone who may not yet have the experience or know how of what to do in certain situations. I so admire parents blogging to share their experiences and learn from one another to take better care of their own children. I had made friends (online) with a parent of a CWD a few years back, and I was able to share my experiences of my childhood with her. I also was so touched and amazed at how much she was willing to do for her own daughter that I had to let her know what an amazing person and parent she truly is! That was a very touching experience for me, and I hope it was for her as well. God bless parents of CWD, they truly are heroes and hopefully when their children are older, they will look back with love and understanding on all the sacrifices their parents made!

Side note: Having started my blog because I wanted to be a part of D-blog week, I do hope to make more friends from all different backgrounds, different types of D and just generally learn more about all the different types of diabetes and get more involved in the DOC!