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Letter to my younger d-self – Day 2 of D-Blog Week

As a preface to this blog, I just wanted to explain that I was diagnosed at the age of 5, and during my middle to late teen years I gave up on taking care of myself because I thought diabetes was going to kill me at a very young age, so my attitude was “why bother?”  I was completely uneducated on the disease which is why I am such a big advocate on education now. Needless to say it was a dark time for me, and I’m so happy to have moved past it and found other wonderful D’s to share experiences with 🙂

Dear Patricia, (what I was called by most back then)

Hi, its me, your grown up self. Yes, I’m a lot older than you thought you would ever live to be! I have some tips for you that will make adulthood a much better and healthier place for you. Take heart, if you do the right things now, it may mean a world of difference in the future.

#1. TEST! I’m serious here. I know you hate it, but the nurses and CDE’s weren’t kidding when they said it was the key to good control. There is magic in those numbers….

#2.Get the stupid notion out of your head that you’re going to die, it ain’t happening any time soon, TRUST ME!

#3. Stop eating crap. Doesn’t have to be entirely, but cut down on it. You can ask your endo how to deal with “treats” as opposed to just cheating all the time. You think it’s not hurting you because you can’t see any damage, you will see the damage in years to come, it ain’t fun.

#4. GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR!! At least once a year, no less.  I don’t care if you hate it, the drops don’t sting that badly (and they hurt a lot less than laser and surgery, that’s for sure)  I don’t care if he’s scary, you really have to go, your sight depends on it.  You may not want to know the outcome if you don’t.

#5  Learn everything you can about diabetes and it’s complications.  It’s the best way to arm yourself for the fight against it.

#6  Don’t hide your diabetes, the more people know, the more they can help you.  Screw those kids who make fun of you.  You know you have good friends who would help at any moment if you needed it.  Trust me on this….stop living in denial.

Basically I’m writing this letter as your “wake up” call. I want to save you from the scary wake up calls I have endured.  Diabetes is no joke, but don’t be afraid of it, because with the right care you’ll be fine.  You can do it. I know you can!

With love & care,

From your older, wiser d-self