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Diabetic Bloopers – Day 3 of D-blog Week

Diabetic bloopers, oh so many!  Where do I begin?  I would say at the beginning, but I’m not even sure when or where that would be!  There are the ones that are just plain annoying, like forgetting to bolus or miscounting carbs (an ongoing one to this day) to the slightly more serious ones, like forgetting to attach or reattach your pump.  I have never totally forgotten my pump;  my boyfriend gets the credit for that one.  Thank goodness it was only a few hours without his pump and not the whole day!  Not to mention, he has a backpack that is stocked with our supplies.  (Which I am VERY thankful for!)  I would have to say I probably have multiple daily bloopers since my diagnosis.  Hell, I think my diagnosis should have happened a few days earlier than it did, so there’s yet another blooper!  There is one incident that sticks out in my mind at this moment.  It seemed pretty serious when it happened, but when I look back on the blunder today, it just makes me laugh!  A few years before going on the pump, I was using pens and they looked the same, practically identical to be honest.  I had woken up late on this particular Saturday and this is when I was actively having laser treatment for my retinopathy.  Needless to say, my vision was pretty bad.  I could tell the difference between the pens on most days and the way they clicked was a sure sign, not the usual way, I told them apart. However, this particular time I was in a rush because I woke up late and needed to take my insulin.  So, I dialed up my insulin, stuck myself, and pressed the button.  As soon as it started clicking, I realized I was taking 25u of HUMALOG!  I’ve never taken that much at any given time!  I immediately pulled out the pen.  Some insulin was still squirting out of the pen needle, so I had no idea how much was given or how I would react to that amount.  The most I’ve ever taken in a single dose was 8 units.  I started to freak out!  One thought going through my head was, “Wow!  I know this stuff works fast.  Will I be able eat that much in a short amount of time?”  I called a good friend of mine, who is a paramedic for NYHQ, and luckily she was at work!  She called the doctor her and her partner were working under for advice.  His first question was, “Was this intentional?”  When I heard that, I started to freak!  I thought to myself, “NO, I do not want to kill myself!!!  I know I’m going to die some day, but today is NOT that day!”  I proceeded to eat as many carbs as I could.  Mostly, Ramen noodles (4 portions worth), glucose tabs, juice, etc.  Somehow, I managed to keep myself around 70 for the next four hours.  It all seemed like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, in hindsight!  Me freaking out, the phone call, the running around and trying to eat everything in sight, belly full to the point of hurting, it makes me chuckle and super thankful for my pump!  That is my most memorable blooper.  While scary when it happened, I am happy that I am now able to tell this story with a comic twist and laugh at the antics following the mistake!