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What we’ve Learned – Day 7 of D-Blog Week

Wow, I can’t believe its day 7 already. I know I keep saying how time flies, but it really has! I’m sad to see D-Blog week wrapping up, but I feel we all owe ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!:) All of the blogs were awesome and I appreciate everyone who shared their experiences.

Our topic for today:

What we’ve learned – Sunday 5/15: Last year, Wendy of Candy Hearts made a suggestion for this year.  She commented “I think Day 7 should be a post about stuff we’ve learned from other blogs or the experience of coming together online…”  Today, let’s do just that!!  What have you learned from other blogs – either this week or since finding the D-OC?  What has your experience of blogging the D-Blog Week topics with other participants been like?  What has finding the D-OC done for you?  If you’d like, you can even look ahead and tell us what you think the future holds!

Since this is my very first week of blogging, I feel I have gotten so much from it. I find blogging to be so many things: cathartic, relaxing, thought-provoking, fun, etc, etc. I have found that in reading all the different blogs I am NOT alone. How wonderful is that?! Other bloggers have taught me there are many ways of looking at something and there is no right or wrong answer. I am recently new to the DOC. I’m  still meeting new people and learning the ropes. I hope to find a whole new world, in addition to the one I already know, that will bring new experiences and new friends. I am so excited to keep blogging! Thank you, Karen, for letting me be a part of this wonderful, eye-opening experience! I look forward to continue reading D-Blogs as much as possible:)


Snapshot Saturday – Day 6 of D-Blog week

Wow, am I super late today. While there is no excuse for it, I will have you know I took a bunch of awesome pics on my new phone and emailed them, twice. (to 2 different email addresses) I am still waiting:( So I asked my boyfriend to dig through his archives and decided to pull up a few pics….I thought it fitting. Here are a few pics of my boyfriend and I when we first met…(if you didn’t know, we’re both type 1, so I thought it fitting!)