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Type Awesome

This month we are going to revisit the DSMA chat from April 27th – Type Awesome – People who support PWD’s.

Friends, parents, spouses, care takers – we sometimes call them Type 3’s and they are the awesome people who support people with diabetes and help us in times of need.  And sometimes those times of need turn into an experience that really makes us laugh later on.  So this month, tell us:

What is a funny diabetes experience you had with a Person Without Diabetes / supporter / T-3?  Parents of CWd’s, please share your experience.

So here goes…I have MANY MANY awesome people in my life, I am very blessed and thankful for ALL of them! But this particular blog is about an experience I had in a time of need with a very good friend of mine, we both always love telling this story together and have to laugh over it…

My friend Sabrina and I decided to go to the NYPD/FDNY hockey game held at the Nassau Coliseum. I remember I was on MDI’s at the time and I didn’t do anything different on that particular day. It happened to be a fairly rainy day, so my friend decided to drive. I would say it was probably a 40 minute ride in normal circumstances, but maybe slightly more in the crappy weather. While in the front passenger seat, I started to feel incredibly nauseous. I thought “wow, I must be getting car sick” which was a little strange but not totally unheard of. I also happened to be super chatty as well. At the time I felt fine, no signs of a low or anything, maybe other than me forgetting simple words. (like “the”) We arrive in the parking lot, and I’m so nauseous that I open the door, the rain was coming down in buckets so I close the door and my friend hands me a bag and well….you get the picture. I was completely focused on what I was saying, but wasn’t really getting much of a story out, and at that point my friend suggested that I test. “Nah, I’m fine” I say. She responds “No really, Trish, I think you should test. Where’s your meter?” She reaches for my bag pulls out my meter and quickly tests me. After sticking my finger she said: “Ummm YOU’RE 22!”  My response: “What? No! That can’t be, I’m fine!”  She puts the meter in my face and repeats her statement of me being 22….we start scrambling for the glucose tabs and she happens to carry that horrible glucose gel for me. I was worried about over treating, which is weird, because in situations like that, its OK to over-treat. I must say that I was in very good hands. My friend works in pre-hospital care and deals with diabetic lows quite a lot. She helped me treat the low, I  kept testing and got something to eat once my bg was going in the right direction. Needless to say we did not make the hockey game and I rode the glucoaster for the rest of the day, mostly high. I do no justice writing about this story, us telling it in person is way funnier! I guess I find it odd that I can recall almost all of what happened during the time of the low, funny how things work out. I really do have the best friends:) Thanks, Sabrina!