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It’s just not working out…

on September 29, 2011

So a while back I decided to give Novalog a shot since my insurance co-pays for Humalog were outrageously expensive, its been at least since the beginning of the year…and I have to say its just not working out. I was very hopeful for it to work, I wanted to be like everyone else, taking Novolog. Going about my business happily ever after, but no can do. I am reaching out to the DOC to see if anyone else has had any problems with Novolog. My issue with it is as follows: I take the dose for food and at the 2 hour mark I’m high (like 200+) but I won’t take any correction and in an additional 2 hours I am crashing, I mean CRASHING. Its no fun. I’ve done a million different variations, taking my insulin early, taking it while I eat, after I eat etc etc. Nothing seems to work. The only variations on this are: if I’m high, I sometimes remain that way and HAVE to correct and THEN I crash. I recently learned of Novolog having a “tail” meaning it will linger longer in the body, has anyone heard of this? Am I some kind of freak that it doesn’t work normally for me? It is beyond frustrating already. My last endo appointment, I explained my dilemma, and he suggest I not switch back, he said “the back and forth is no good, either” While I love my endo dearly, I can NOT live like this! I am considering calling him tomorrow and asking them to call me in a Rx to my beloved Humalog, Which I am hoping they will oblige. Anyone have any similar stories, or not so similar stories to share? Advice? Suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated…

7 responses to “It’s just not working out…

  1. Stacey D. says:

    I’m sorry that I don’t have any experiences to share. I’ve only used Novolog since pumping and it works well for me. I have tried Apidra however without success. So I do think everyone responds differently to the different types of insulin. I hope you can get back to your familiar Humalog!

  2. David says:

    Let’s get the Humalog. Maybe that’s my issue as well.

  3. Carol says:

    I have used Novolog for years in my pump and in my experience, yes, it does have a “tail” as you described. At a pump club meeting in 2004, the MM facilitator said that Novolog does have the “tail” – no other educator had mentioned it – that’s how I learned about it. I can go from a perfectly steady (monitored hourly) 100-120 post-prandial (2/3/4 hours) to a 70 in half an hour at the 4.5-5 hour mark. I know this is “normal” for me (everyone’s experience is different) so I just expect it.

    Can you ask your endo for a sample of Humalog to try before having to go through insurance and paying the expensive co-pay?

    I would really be interested in reading about your experience with the Humalog – how it works in comparison to the Novolog.

    • tricia7473 says:

      Hi Carol! Thanks for reading and responding! I failed to mention that between the beginning of the year and now my copays have gone down, so my copay for Humalog would now be the same as Novolog, which is great. (not sure why that wasn’t the case to begin with) Also, not sure if I mentioned this in my post, but I was on Humalog for a number of years before having to switch to Novolog, so I know for a fact it works really well for me, unless it has somehow changed. My doctor didn’t want to switch me back, but I’m now experiencing a low every time I bolus (4 hours later) and just weird unexplained lows. At the 2 hour mark yesterday after dinner I tested and was at 100, which means I was going to crash, so I started stuffing myself full of candy. Well, I crashed within 20 minutes anyway, from 100 to 50 in 20 minutes is a bit extreme, and its those “I feel like I’m going to die” lows, when I can feel them. I’m starting to experience hypo unawareness now, which is REALLY bad and pretty scary, too. I’m just hoping my endo will let me switch back after telling me back in August he didn’t want me to switch back to Humalog because switching from one to the other and back is just not a good idea. I can’t imagine going low 3-4 times a day is better? Or being hypo unaware is better? And even worse I’m dosing less because I’m AFRAID to bolus for fear of crashing:(

  4. Karen G says:

    You are absolutely not a freak – like Stacey said, different insulins work differently in each of us. For me, Apidra works the best. But if Humalog was better for you, I think your endo should switch you back! Crazy for him to tell you switching too much isn’t good – it’s not like your switching every week!!

    • tricia7473 says:

      EXACTLY!! Thank you Karen! I had been on Humalog ever since switching to fast acting insulin, and it has worked well for me. I only switched to novel due to insurance purposes, not for kicks. (I also thought it worked exactly like Humalog, boy was I wrong.) So I only switched once. I would have liked to try Epidra, but I know how Humalog works for me and don’t need more variable in my life at this point!

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