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World Diabetes Day and other disappointments…

on November 15, 2011

OK so the title of this blog may be a bit dramatic, but its kind of how I feel right now, so I’m going with it. Please be warned that there is a rant coming up in the third paragraph!

My World Diabetes Day was not all that extravagant or filled with acts of selfless kindness. However, I did dress in blue, try to advocate (whenever possible), posted all sorts of WDD events on Facebook, participated in the Big Blue Test and the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange! (oh and let’s not forget showed up on 11-1-11 for T1 Day at the Today show at 4am!!) So I guess I can’t be too upset on my part. I can only hope that in years to come I am more active about participating and trying to do more. Hey, I did more this year than last, so I see it as improvement!

That being said, as a life long New Yorker, I am rather disappointed about the Empire State Building NOT being blue and while for WDD this year, especially when it has been in the past. HOW LAME. Especially when it was lit up PINK for breast cancer awareness. REALLY? They already have the month of October and every other freaking month out there Why? Why THIS DAY? Can we please NOT have breast cancer awareness for ONE day?? Now, I’m sure some of you might be a little annoyed with my rant here, maybe you know someone who has breast cancer or lost their battle with it. You’re not alone, my two aunts, that I was very close with, died from breast cancer. So I’m not as insensitive as you may think. I just feel breast cancer is shoved down our throats and we are DROWNING in pink in October and practically every other month. I feel like it infringed on MY cause, on MY disease and OUR day to celebrate life and be happy and all those things we’re supposed to do on WDD! If you are feeling the same as I am, please join me in sending the ESB an e-mail telling them how you feel at:

<Rant Over>

2 responses to “World Diabetes Day and other disappointments…

  1. Cara says:

    I understand. It can be really frustrating. I have a co-worker who is going thru treatments for breast cancer right now. Our whole office was pink in October. Yet I am t1, along with my supervisor’s daughter & a co-worker’s husband, and 2 co-workers have husbands with t2, but no one is making a deal this month. I am wearing blue every Friday, taking about it, but the support just isn’t there.

  2. David says:

    Boobs really do get more attention. Damn it! Why can’t insulin be produced in the breast? I bet we’d get all kinds of attention, then.

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