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Warning: part of this post is going to be a rant and lots of complaining will be going on. But the other part is I need YOUR help….please read on….

OK D-OC’ers, (and anyone who is reading this) I REALLY need your help right now! This is a blog about the progress (and drama) going on with me getting a CGM. If you don’t know the story, my last post should tell it all. The short story: I’ve been under the impression that I can NOT get a CGM covered under my current insurance. Well, that was a complete and total MYTH. I called and was told by 3 different customer service reps, on 3 different occassions that is most certainly IS covered under my DME. (durable medical equipment coverage) I am on a Minimed pump (the old 522, which is out of warranty, but supposedly my insurance will not cover a new one until next year, probably should see about that as well….being it was Medtronic telling me that I am not covered for a CGM, without even trying, they just heard my insurance and thought it was not covered. Love it when people don’t do their jobs, but want your money.) In any event, I decided not to go with Minimed’s Guardian sensor, because most of what I’ve heard is not good, and this is coming from actual people who have used them and retired them, because of terrible inaccuracy and general dislike of the product. On the other hand Dexcom has newer technology and better accuracy detecting lows, so I’m told, which is EXACTLY why I want this machine. That and almost every single person I’ve spoken to is absolutely in love with their Dexcom (except for 1, but to me, those are pretty damn good numbers)

So I made my choice: Dexcom. I called and did the leg work, and apparently, so did they. We are now waiting THREE weeks on a signature from my doctor’s office to get the damn thing. I am beyond losing my patience. I’ve been calling my doctor’s office, being told “the computers are down” or “we never received anything” and all sorts of  “my dog ate the letter of medical necessity” excuses. Well, I have an appointment on December 9th, and since I have no Dexcom or charts and graphs to show, David & I made an appointment to get the ipro done in the office, so we can work out some of our crazy numbers next visit. I showed up early so I can work on getting this Rx for the Dex signed. I walk up to the receptionist, who I know by name, but shall remain nameless, and ask her if the paper we spoke about the day before was signed yet. I get a very cocky “Oh that’s not covered by your insurance, so the doctor is refusing to sign it, speak with CDE X if you have questions” X is not a CDE that works for my doctor’s office, but a Medtronic rep that supplies the ipro for his patients on Tuesday mornings. My first thought: “lovely” What I said: “REALLY? I know for a fact it IS covered because I spoke with the insurance company myself of THREE separate occasions!” I was furious. I know exactly what’s going on here. The only missing link that I don’t know is if my doctor is truly refusing to sign it, or if its being kept from him, because the Medtronic pimp wants my business, and if she can’t have my business then I can’t get a CGM? Does that sound fair?? So we go in and CDE X says, “oh remember, last year I told you that it wasn’t covered, your insurance doesn’t cover CGM’s”  And I repeated what I told the receptionist, so immediately CDE X responds “well, if Dexcom is telling you they can be covered I think there’s something fishy going on.” I repeated myself telling her I spoke with MY INSURANCE and that ALL CGM’s are covered…and immediately she went into, “oh that’s great, we can get you a Guardian” so I said “not to step on toes, but I REALLY want an Dexcom (for all the reasons listed above” Then she went into “clinician” mode. “Well, as a clinincian, I’d say to use what works for you…but in this case, I would suggest you try the Guardian first, because it will be so much more convenient, but you know, use whatever you feel comfortable with.”  and followed up with some slide comment of I’ll see if I can get paperwork started. Again, I said, I’d really like the Dexcom…and we just got into attaching the ipro. A few minutes later her “partner” came in, seemed to be a high pressure salesman from Medtronic, totally downing Dexcom and making false statements at that. (Oh if you use the Dexcom you’ll have to manually put in your bg’s on that AND your pump, and that is just such a hassle, where if you use our guardian, you don’t have to input anything! That’s false, I would only have to input my BG’s on the Dex, because the meter I use speaks to my pump…A$$hole) I’m so beyond annoyed right now and kind of afraid a Guardian is going to show up at my door without my wanting one.

Now, here is where I need YOUR help!

Am I being totally silly with wanting a Dexcom vs a Guardian?

I understand that having a CGM that works in tandem with my pump would make my life a bit easier, but if the thing doesn’t really work well, or is uncomfortable to wear than what’s the point??

Is it REALLY that much easier with the Guardian?

For those of you who have a Minmed pump and Dexcom receiver (or even if you have an Animas) where do you keep your Dexcom receiver? What happens if you walk “out of range” for a few minutes or an hour? Is that a problem? (cause I can see this happening if its in my purse)

And for those of you who have had both, which is more comfortable to wear? Because I have the stupid ipro on for over 24 hours now, and it is not comfortable AT ALL, I can totally feel it and they put tegaderm on to boot.

I’m the kind of person who once I’m set on something, I won’t be happy taking something else…

I guess my biggest concern is AM I BEING RIDICULOUS? Should I just take the Guardian?


Shortly after posting this, the phone rang and it was Edgepark telling me my Dexcom was on its way. Which I am ecstatic about. But after reading I could have done trials, now I’m not sure what to do:( I’m wondering if I can have them hold off on it and try doing trials?? SO CONFUSED! I got what I wanted, now I’m second guessing myself! Boo…




Sorry for driving you guys crazy, but I tried to get “trials” for both Dexcom and MM and apparently, MM’s trial is the ipro, which does not tell me anything, unless of course I take amazing notes and do the homework to see how accurate it is. The Dexcom does not do trials unless your insurance requires it, mine, does not. So I’m kind of screwed in the trial department. I told Edgepark to hold off on sending anything, that way I can clear my head, and do more research, because I now feel like I’m being pressured and don’t like that feeling. The woman from Edgepark was more than understanding and super nice about it. I’m going to take a day or six to just read as many blogs and speak to as many people I can, sleep on it and make the decision. My first decision was with Dex, so I’m probably going to go with that, but just need to get this swirling crazy feeling out of my head is all….will keep y’all updated on how it goes!