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Just another day in the life of a diabetic…

Happy New Year!

As 2011 winds down and as 2012 is about to begin, I look back on the year that has practically flew by and feel many different emotions. I’ve been hearing a lot of “can’t wait to get this year over with already” but I like to cherish the good, and even the not-so-good. I feel without the bad, we have nothing to compare our “good” to. How could we possibly begin to know what was good in our lives if everything was constantly good? The bad helps us to appreciate the good that much more. For the sake of this blog, I’m focusing on the good, as I want to look 2012 in the face and go forth with a positive attitude. I’m relishing the firsts that have taken place in this past year, (starting this blog, riding 30 miles in the Tour de Cure, helping to facilitate diabetic support groups, and something I’m proud of: a steady 6.5 A1c the entire year!) the strides I have made, thinking about the new friends I have made (the DOC and my new friends from Simonpalooza and, of course, remembering the friends who have always been there for me thick and thin) and just feeling good about the next year to come. I see it brimming with possibilities and hope to be able to go forth and accomplish my goals. I know I probably sound like a Hallmark card here, but I am realistic. I know I can’t do it all, but as long as I have dreams in my head and goals to shoot for, if I can at least try, I feel its worth it.

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
― W. Clemant Stone


I want to wish everyone a safe and very Happy New Year filled with all the possibilities you heart and head can imagine and beyond! And most importantly, a year & life filled with love<3



I’m always so amazed how expensive it is to be a person living with diabetes. Even with insurance, it is quite costly, without insurance the cost can be downright devastating. So when I saw a friend’s status today saying “Christmas came early” because some supplies were covered, it always makes me thankful for the little things in life. And a little sad for those who don’t have proper coverage. I remember living many years without insurance and barely affording the supplies I needed to survive, or having to use the not-so-latest technology to get by. I remember after that long stint ended and finally being able to get health insurance and being SO VERY thankful for it! Thankful that the mail-order pharmacy included alcohol swabs with my syringes! Oh how wonderful! I thought to myself…it truly is the little things that can make you happy! Three months of supplies! How awesome! More than one vial of insulin in the fridge? Unheard of! I remember a few years back thinking a pump surely would not be covered, because my insurance did not include Durable Medical Equipment coverage. But I did some digging and found out that a pump WAS covered! Again, SO thankful, this time for something pretty darn important (and a big deal, to me, anyway!) I’ve heard stories of friends who at one time or another, could not afford test strips. So their family would go out and buy boxes of test strips as their Christmas gift. How wonderful! Or how sad that the simple necessities are not affordable to everyone:(  I suppose it all depends on what perspective you’re looking from…It sometimes makes me feel guilty, I too at one time was that person and I could very well be that person again, so I try not to take it for granted.