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5 Boro Bike Tour, anyone?

So, I have been given the chance to ride in the 5 Boro Bike Tour! My friends have been doing this tour for years and every year I say the same thing: “next year!”  Then the next year rolls around and I say the same damn thing. I feel that this may finally be my “next year”.  Ever since riding in last year’s Tour de Cure it got me excited about bike riding again. I have to admit, I felt pretty bad-ass riding in NYC traffic (you read that right, the streets were not shut down to traffic!) Anyway, I am seriously considering riding! It seems SO awesome! I haven’t been on a bike since the Tour de Cure, but I think that’s OK, since I hadn’t been on a bike before that in almost 10 years, and I did 30 miles (possibly more, riding to and from Penn Station and riding around that parade we accidentally ran into!!) I hear there is a lot of stopping, and while that’s frustrating, it will probably help with my out-of-shapeness! lol What I have heard is that there tends to be some accidents/crashes because of the stoppage, which is my main concern, especially with my smaller field of vision. So I would appreciate any and all information anyone has to offer. Encouragement and support are also welcomed, too!

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

How am I supposed to sleep when Dex alarms me with this…Image


Diaversaries and other technicalities

So, my technical diaversary is April 16. But when it happened way back when, back in 1979, (yes, eons ago) the 16th happened to fall on the day after Easter. I remember a few things about that particular Easter. One thing that sticks out is me trying to go to sleep on the couch at my grandparent’s house, but no one would let me take that nap I so badly desired. I remember feeling sick and not understanding why, or why everyone was looking at me with such horror (apparently, I had lost a lot of weight for a 5 year old) I also remember being happy I was going to the doctor the following day, which turned into a trip to the ER and so the story goes. Every Easter, I get a twinge of sadness. Easter is supposed to be a time of hope and joy after following a stretch of self-denial and giving also known as Lent. But for some reason, it always reminds me of my diagnosis.  So, while my diaversary isn’t until next week, I still get the sad pangs on the Monday after Easte. So maybe, just maybe, what I’m feeling now is the sadness I had for myself as a child, not knowing what was in store for me:(  Next week (my actual diaversary date) can be the “happy I’m alive” celebrations. To acknowledge my “unofficial diaversary” I’ve decided to start using my Dexcom again. There were a few issues with getting supplies, but after resolving them and getting some more sensors, I am now hooked back up and ready to go!:-)

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To D or not to D? That is the question….

So if you haven’t already guessed by looking over my blog, I’m kind of a slacker when it comes to writing. I will get all these great ideas and write and then have a slump and not write for long periods of time. I have many unpublished blogs I have written because I get these ideas, start writing and either: never finish or the time frame for the post has passed. (I’m sure I could think of more interesting excuses if I took the time, but these two are my main culprits) The other issue tends to be that not all of my posts are completely d related. So, my question of the day to my d-blogger friends and readers is: would it be acceptable to post non-diabetic related blog posts here? Or should i just create another blog for my personal stuff. I recently bought new glasses and considered writing about that experience…I could kinda make it d-related, I guess. (if it weren’t for retinopathy, I most likely wouldn’t need glasses) I’m also on the market for a new bike and would like to write about that, too…I could make that d-related because my inspiration for getting back on a bike after so many years was riding in the NYC Tour de Cure last year. But there are many non-d related subjects that I don’t think I could squeeze the topic of diabetes into. I love writing and would like to do more of it. Sooo, what are your thoughts? Write about non-diabetic topics here or make a new blog for those topics? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


T-minus 12 days…

I was casually looking over the calendar the other day, and it has come to my attention that I will be celebrating yet another diaversary (my diabetic anniversary for those of you who don’t know the term) in 12 days. I’m going on 33 years to be exact. It’s all kind of crazy to me. It seems like forever, and just yesterday at the same time. I have very few memories of life without diabetes, so, it’s  kind of a big deal to me. I did a guest blog post for ACT 1 last year, recalling memories I have of my diagnosis. I’m hoping to do a blog for myself this year…not sure what it will consist of, though. I am, however, wracking my brain trying to figure out what I should do to celebrate. Buy myself a little something? Eat a cupcake? Sit home and cry? (OK, that last one is not an option!) So, my fellow DOC’ers, I am asking…Do you have any suggestions?I am open to anything you may have to share or suggest!  I will be facilitating an adult group meeting that night, Monday April 16th, so I (hopefully!) will be surrounded by other diabetics and that is always a nice thing, for me:) Please feel free to join us! If you need info, I am happy to share!