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Just another day in the life of a diabetic…

T-minus 12 days…

on April 4, 2012

I was casually looking over the calendar the other day, and it has come to my attention that I will be celebrating yet another diaversary (my diabetic anniversary for those of you who don’t know the term) in 12 days. I’m going on 33 years to be exact. It’s all kind of crazy to me. It seems like forever, and just yesterday at the same time. I have very few memories of life without diabetes, so, it’s  kind of a big deal to me. I did a guest blog post for ACT 1 last year, recalling memories I have of my diagnosis. I’m hoping to do a blog for myself this year…not sure what it will consist of, though. I am, however, wracking my brain trying to figure out what I should do to celebrate. Buy myself a little something? Eat a cupcake? Sit home and cry? (OK, that last one is not an option!) So, my fellow DOC’ers, I am asking…Do you have any suggestions?I am open to anything you may have to share or suggest!  I will be facilitating an adult group meeting that night, Monday April 16th, so I (hopefully!) will be surrounded by other diabetics and that is always a nice thing, for me:) Please feel free to join us! If you need info, I am happy to share!

4 responses to “T-minus 12 days…

  1. Karen says:

    33 years??? We are almost diaversary twins, because I’ll hit 33 years with diabetes in December. For a celebration, I say do all three. Buy something nice, eat a cupcake, and yes, cry a little bit. And then do anything else to celebrate that you can think of. 33 years is HUGE. So celebrate in a big way, my friend!! ❤

    • tricia7473 says:

      Yes, we are diaversary twinsies (well, almost!!) I was actually diagnosed the day after Easter…go figure! So technically, I get a little sad the day after Easter. Thank you for the ideas, I like them all:)

  2. beth2027 says:

    I just hit 26 years and basically forgot about it this year. Last year, for 25, I had ice cream. Lots of it. 🙂 BUT, if I lived in NY, I’d go to Juniors and get cheesecake, and then to Dylan’s Candy Bar and buy myself some awesome candy. And maybe go have some pizza at this pizza place on 44th. Just sayin’. 🙂

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