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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

How am I supposed to sleep when Dex alarms me with this…Image


Diaversaries and other technicalities

So, my technical diaversary is April 16. But when it happened way back when, back in 1979, (yes, eons ago) the 16th happened to fall on the day after Easter. I remember a few things about that particular Easter. One thing that sticks out is me trying to go to sleep on the couch at my grandparent’s house, but no one would let me take that nap I so badly desired. I remember feeling sick and not understanding why, or why everyone was looking at me with such horror (apparently, I had lost a lot of weight for a 5 year old) I also remember being happy I was going to the doctor the following day, which turned into a trip to the ER and so the story goes. Every Easter, I get a twinge of sadness. Easter is supposed to be a time of hope and joy after following a stretch of self-denial and giving also known as Lent. But for some reason, it always reminds me of my diagnosis.  So, while my diaversary isn’t until next week, I still get the sad pangs on the Monday after Easte. So maybe, just maybe, what I’m feeling now is the sadness I had for myself as a child, not knowing what was in store for me:(  Next week (my actual diaversary date) can be the “happy I’m alive” celebrations. To acknowledge my “unofficial diaversary” I’ve decided to start using my Dexcom again. There were a few issues with getting supplies, but after resolving them and getting some more sensors, I am now hooked back up and ready to go!:-)

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