Battery Operated Pancreas

Just another day in the life of a diabetic…

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

on April 11, 2012

How am I supposed to sleep when Dex alarms me with this…Image

3 responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Caroline says:

    And let me guess: false alarm because you rolled over and squashed your sensor. Hate that!!

  2. Karen says:

    Ugh, not fun!! Was it a false alarm like Caroline guessed, or was it really a low?

    • tricia7473 says:

      Hi Karen, it was an actual low, but I was 56 when I tested on my meter. I dosed with 15g and it alarmed again in 15 minutes!! It definitely was quite annoying! Because all I wanted to do was sleep…then I started to second guess myself and think…”hmmm, maybe I should eat some more?” Which is never a good thing. Glad I didn’t:)

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