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5 Boro Bike Tour, anyone?

So, I have been given the chance to ride in the 5 Boro Bike Tour! My friends have been doing this tour for years and every year I say the same thing: “next year!”  Then the next year rolls around and I say the same damn thing. I feel that this may finally be my “next year”.  Ever since riding in last year’s Tour de Cure it got me excited about bike riding again. I have to admit, I felt pretty bad-ass riding in NYC traffic (you read that right, the streets were not shut down to traffic!) Anyway, I am seriously considering riding! It seems SO awesome! I haven’t been on a bike since the Tour de Cure, but I think that’s OK, since I hadn’t been on a bike before that in almost 10 years, and I did 30 miles (possibly more, riding to and from Penn Station and riding around that parade we accidentally ran into!!) I hear there is a lot of stopping, and while that’s frustrating, it will probably help with my out-of-shapeness! lol What I have heard is that there tends to be some accidents/crashes because of the stoppage, which is my main concern, especially with my smaller field of vision. So I would appreciate any and all information anyone has to offer. Encouragement and support are also welcomed, too!

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