Battery Operated Pancreas

Just another day in the life of a diabetic…


on July 29, 2012

On July 29th, 2001 I fell no I leaped no no, I JUMPED out of a perfectly good airplane. Yes indeed, it was my first time skydiving! I can’t believe today is the eleventh anniversary of me taking that first plunge. I have to say I absolutely LOVED it! So much so, that I went two more times:) I would have gone many many more, but it is an expensive hobby. I would probably still be jumping to this day, if it weren’t for my retinopathy. Kind of stinks, really. I have been advised by my eye specialist not to do anything with excessive g-forces. (roller coasters, skydiving, you know, pretty much anything fun) But at least I have the memories, really good memories, at that. I remember it being kind of surreal at first. I wasn’t even sure I would jump. But then you’re there, at the place, the energy is buzzing all around you and the next thing you know you’re signing a waiver, then  in a plane, sitting on your tandem master’s lap! I remember doing a flip out of the plane, the loud and super fast free fall, and the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I remember the super-sharp jerk we had experienced when the ‘chute released. I remember how quiet and small the world seemed from so high up and how slow we were falling, it seemed like slow motion next to the 125mph free-fall we just experienced. I remember a landing that seemed near perfect, to me. I also remember a smile that could not be wiped from my face for nearly a month, and the pride I felt for having the guts to do something I never thought I’d ever do. I remember a fun day with good friends and great memories…..:)

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