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Diabetes Awareness Month

on November 26, 2012

I feel like such a slacker this year. I’ve done diddly to advocate for Diabetes Awareness Month, with the exception of a few posts on Facebook and a loved ones meeting on WDD (World Diabetes Day, November 14th) I feel I’ve done very little.

Last year, I was all into it. I proudly took part in the WDD Post Card Exchange created by my friend Lee Ann Thill of The Butter compartment. I took part in Type 1 day, which is on November 1st, by going to the Today Show and standing in the square in NYC to get the opportunity to shake hands with Ann Curry & Al Roker, and raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes, with JDRF. There were all sorts of things I was involved in last year. I donned blue nails, hair and clothing for Blue Fridays, too! Let’s not forget about the Blue Heel Society! I keep seeing heels that fit the bill and think to myself: “Those would make GREAT shoes for the Blue heel society!”

To the point: I feel like a total slacker this year:( But I guess I can’t beat myself up too much, or feel too bad for myself, either. Like the rest of the east coast, we were affected by Superstorm Sandy. We were without electric, heat and hot water for ten days, yea, that was NO fun. But I can’t complain too much, because I know there were many, many others who lost everything and have to start over from scratch. I find myself between feeling so sad and incredibly lucky (and a bit guilty, too) when hearing about and seeing these people. But I digress, that could be a whole other post. I haven’t done a whole lot this month for Diabetes Awareness Month, but at least I got to attend the ACT 1 Loved Ones meeting on WDD and got to go out to eat afterwards with some pretty awesome peeps (d and non d) and I have a super awesome pic to prove it!

I also got to see the Empire State Building lit in blue for WDD! (WIN!) And my not so awesome pic…

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3 responses to “Diabetes Awareness Month

  1. Hey Tricia, don’t discount simply being you and telling your story! There’s more advocacy in that than most of us realize. 🙂

  2. David says:

    It’s been a rough month. No reason to be down on yourself. Besides, advocacy doesn’t stop on December 1st. By the way, I have sausage fingers. I never noticed until this picture.

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