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What is your preferred way to treat a low?

on January 24, 2013

If you’re a diabetic and you’re reading this, you already know each and every low can be totally different. I’m wondering how others like to treat lows… Juice? Skittles? Jelly beans? Nerds? Soda? Glucose tabs? Glucose gel? Growing up, my lows were (almost) always treated with orange juice or a regular Coke. (A Coke especially if it was a super bad low) My parents would tape Charms candies into the inside of my lunchbox. I preferred Lifesavers, but looking back, Charms were individually wrapped, so I guess I understand their logic. I learned the joys of glucose tablets in my 20’s. I also learned the nastiness of glucose gels in my 20’s. YUCK!!! If I am low, and not completely out of my mind, good luck on trying to treat me with gel!! At some wonderful point, when lows were a part of my daily life (sometimes 2, 3 or more times a day…) I learned that 7 Pixie Stix had 15g of carbs! Pure, easily digestible sugar! Woo hoo! Except you need water to go with 7 of those things, they do tend to dry out your mouth. Since meeting my boyfriend, David, we both have navigated our way though different candy to treat our lows. I believe we started out with Starbursts. But when you’re low, the last thing you want to do is unwrap this tiny thing and try to chew. Skittles were a popular favorite for a while. I believe 1 Skittle = about 1 carb (give or take) At Easter time, Starbursts have great jelly beans that David loves to stock up on! He buys so many that we still have bags left! You will always find him with one form or another to treat a low. I, on the other hand, have gotten a little sloppy with it, because I always depend on him. I’ve found myself without more than once and I am looking to change that. I now carry a tube of 10 glucose tabs, and I also like to carry these fruit strips made by Archer Farms, usually mixed berry or raspberry. They are quite tasty and have 12g of carbs, they work really well when I’m at 70 and feel like I could drop, but don’t want to get too crazy. Go-Go Squeeze is another favorite of mine. It’s squeezable apple sauce and the mixed berry flavor has exactly 15g of carbs, no OD’ing there!

Now it’s your turn! I’m really interested in what you guys use to treat YOUR lows!! I don’t care if you think it’s boring or stupid, I want to hear it! I’m always open to new ideas, because I’m sure I’ll be treating lows for a long time, or at least until there is a cure 😉

2 responses to “What is your preferred way to treat a low?

  1. I have such a hard time not overtreating my lows, and I think it comes from not looking at the low properly. I often tell myself it’s an opportunity to eat something I’ve been denying myself, then I eat way too much.

    • tricia7473 says:

      I try my best not to over treat, sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don’t. When I do over treat, its usually because I have that jittery “I feel like I’m going to die” feeling…no fun:(

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